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While working for a poultry machine company, I thought it would be fun to wear a chicken Christmas necktie to the annual company party. I looked and looked and could not find any for sale, so I put my equipment designing creativity to work figuring out how to make a tasteful fun necktie. Once I had the artwork it was easy to make something for the company children’s party. Even though I now have my own firm, I am continuing the tradition.

Please accept this downloadable gift for the children in your life.

Roger Grabman

PS: If your artist wants to share the masterpieces I would love to see them. Please send me a photo or a scan.


Download PDF Here

Chicken Christmas Neckties and women’s scarfs may be purchased from
Embroidered Impressions, Buford, GA

www.localembroidery.com     orders@eieio2.com

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