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Many thanks to those who showed an interest in the recent Lockout-Tagout survey from Randi Stillman of Bottom Line Market Research.

The contributed insights were particularly valuable.

Congratulations to the winners of the gift card prizes: John H. in Duluth, Mike B. in Jefferson and Sandi S. in Athens

Do your LOTO documents assure your worker safety?

Are you in Compliance?

GI&S can help

  • Hazard assessments
  • LOTO instructions
  • Document prep and review
  • Abatements

OSHA requires all organizations protect workers from unexpected equipment start up and energy release hazards.

This applies to ● manufacturing ● facilities management ● distribution and warehousing ● retail ● construction ● medical ● agriculture ● education ● automotive ● packaging ● aerospace ● transportation
just about everything.

Even if it wasn’t a government requirement, worker safety would still be an ethically good and financially prudent idea.

Although the survey is closed, you may still share your views and opinions about LOTO concerns and best practices. You will not be spammed, and your information will not be sold or shared.


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