Our Services: Expert Machine Design

Professional Engineering Solutions that Meet Manufacturing Needs

Grab Innovation and Services has machine and equipment expertise stemming from more than 30 years of experience in different industries with different types of companies. This leads to great benefits for the clients

If your firm needs experienced and creative machine designs, Grab Innovations and Services is your solution.

CAD and Modeling Proficiencies

Grab Innovations and Services’ principal is experienced with multiple CAD programs including; Pro-E ® Wildfire & Creo ® in PLM environment. He is fluent in Pro-E ® features surfaces, sheetmetal, relations, family tables, make flexible and more.

Grab Innovations And Services now has Autodesk® Inventor® Pro capabilities: 3D modelling, Assemblies, Factory Parts and Assemblies, sheetmetal and more.

Anticipant other modeling proficiencies soon.

Where to Find Us

Grab Innovations And Services
    PO Box 1064
    Flowery Branch, Ga 30542



Different Companies ...

Grab Innovations and Services understand the nuances of working with different types of companies

  • OEMs that manufacture many copies of a line of machines for use by others
  • Manufacturers that design and build needed machines (sometimes multiple copies) and equipment that are not available elsewhere
  • Custom build shops that develop machines and equipment for a specific use with only a few copies built. Designs can be based on a catalog of pre-engineered solutions, or may start off with a completely blank page.
  • Companies with sophisticated fully equipped shop environments with CNC machining, surface and cylindrical grinding, laser cutting, EDM and extensive sheetmetal capabilities as well as companies extracting required precision from less equipped low cost fabrication facilities.

Different Industries ...

Our familiarity with different industries is a strength.

Each industry has their customary practices and techniques. A broader experience gives the flexibility to realize possible better solutions. Examples of specific industry experience:

▪Poultry ▪ Snack Food ▪ Bakery ▪ Electronics ▪ Glass ▪ Can Manufacturing ▪ Paper Goods ▪ Material Handling ▪Plastics ▪Custom Heavy Equipment to Maintain Railroad Rolling Stock

Application ...

Broad experience gives the ability to apply techniques from different environments to new situations, rather than only knowing “how we always do it.” Grab Innovations and Services has experience with the details of machine and equipment development:

  • Gear, belt and chain drives
  • Cams, shafts and bearing installations
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical circuits
  • PLC programming
  • Indexing systems, synchronous and asynchronous
  • Synchronous cam operated systems; indexing and continuous
  • Injection molded plastic part design
  • Tooling, Dies, fixtures and gauges

High speed equipment

The people in Grab Innovations and Services have designed and installed high-speed indexing and continuous motion synchronous cam driven machinery for:

  • 800 cans per minute manufacturing
  • 200 plus condoms per minute testing
  • 400 battery per minute assembly
  • 300 chickens per minute processing
  • 55 per minute pressed glass articles

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Georgia Society of Professional Engineers