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Machine Audit for Sanitary and Hygienic Design

Safety is not the only area where governmental oversight can come into play. Depending on the product manufactured, the hygienic and sanitary design of your machinery may be critically important. The need for hygienic design isn’t restricted the food industry, it extends to other industries as well. Your output and processes may be subject to inspections by the FDA, USDA or various state and local agencies, as well as consumer companies who employ their own agents to ensure that vendors are taking steps to assure the product safety. These entities have the power to cite and/or fine for violations or, potentially, order a shutdown of operations until corrective action can be taken.

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An Hygienic and Sanitary Design Audit Can Help

Beyond the issue of regulatory compliance, a Hygienic and Sanitary Design Audit can help:

  • Protect the product
  • Maintain the quality and wholesomeness of the product
  • Maintain productivity
  • Provide customer protection
  • Reduce liability
  • Ensure cost effective sanitation and cleaning (labor, chemicals, water)
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs

The main areas of review in a machine audit for hygienic and sanitary design are:

  • Materials
  • Surface Finish and Modification
  • Construction and Fabrication
  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Keeping You in Compliance

A Grab Innovations and Services hygienic and sanitary design audit is designed to keep you in compliance, identify potential trouble spots and suggest corrective action. These audits are very beneficial to:

  • Companies that sell machines
  • Companies that design and build their own machines
  • Companies that purchase their production machines
  • Oversight organizations (customers and insurance companies)