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Audits for Safety and OSHA Compliance

In 2010, the last fully reported year, OSHA issued 96,742 citations for violations; the vast majority for machinery-related safety issues. In 2011, the minimum fine for a violation was increased to $2000. Stated differently, in addition to the personal and emotional costs of unsafe work environments, things you don’t do can also put a dent in the balance sheet.

An effective safety and OSHA compliance audit uncovers problems before personal injuries, property damage, business interruptions, worker litigation or government citations occur. Audits are designed to identify safety program strengths and weaknesses, show where improvements are needed, and provide guidance to obtain commitment and targets for correcting problems.

Hierarchy Of Safety Management

  1. Eliminate or reduce hazard; reduce exposure and severity
  2. Provide safeguards; used devices to stop unsafe actions or stop operation
  3. Provide warnings and PPE

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Main Areas Audited

Machine Guarding Safety

Careful scrutiny of the physical or mechanical guarding that prevents workers from coming into contact with moving parts and other hazards that can cause physical injury or even death based on familiarity with OSHA requirements and knowledge of possible enhancements.

Personal Safety:

We take an in-depth look at the behaviors of machine operators, including; wearing appropriate clothing, hair containment and appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Electrical Safety:

Grab Innovations and Services can audit for specific control safety related issues and has the electrical Professional Engineer resources to provide a complete audit of the machine’s electrical connections, power, controls, and program, as well as lock-outs and other safeguards that prevent injury during maintenance and prevent unexpected, hazardous, unexpected starting or restarting of the machine.

General Safety Protocol:

A careful review of other factors that can affect worker safety, like training programs, noise level, availability of emergency safety equipment, hazard reporting procedures and more.


Some government jurisdictions require an audit before equipment is placed in service; a Prestart-up Health and Safety Review (PSHR). Contact Grab Innovations & Services for help with this critical requirement.

Safety Depends On Safe Equipment, Safe Workers And Safety Oriented Management

The Audit

In the audit, whether assuring compliance with U.S. agencies like OSHA, or EU governmental bodies, Grab Innovations and Services will use experience, expertise and the necessary instrumentation, with a prepared checklist to identify potential compliance issue areas:

  • Assess possible hazards throughout the life cycle equipment from fabrication, installation, startup, use, maintenance and decommissioning.
  • Assess machine safety activities, confirm equipment and controls are in place and functioning.
  • Assess equipment compliance with standards, government regulations and industry practices.
  • Assess past and current practices to identify and correct safety impediments.
  • Assess other hazards, such as slip & fall, walkways, bio-hazard, combustion, laser.