Our Services: Expert Machine Audits

Why a machine audit?

What’s the value of another expert looking at your equipment?

There are some very good reasons:

  • Some government jurisdictions require an audit before equipment is placed in service; a Prestart-up Health and Safety Review (PSHR)
  • Assurance that issues are addressed via expert input
  • A fresh set of eyes often sees what others miss
  • An unbiased opinion gives constructive value and helps avoid regulatory and liability problems
  • Benefit from auditor knowledge of the applications of standards, regulations and best practices of other environments
  • Some companies audit the production facilities of their vendors. An additional outside audit may help qualify for business
  • Avoid too-late discovery of problems, risks, and hazards
  • Help the bottom line; improve productivity, reduce cost, reduce risks

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Machine performance isn’t the only threat to your bottom line

Grab Innovations and Services

Grab Innovations and Services specializes in machine audits that help keep your firm in governmental compliance, your workers safe, your products sanitary and machinery performing at peak efficiency. Having experience with many kinds of machines and equipment in different industries is a plus.

We can conduct professional audits
in 3 areas:

Machine and Equipment Audits for:

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